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    Two happy, healthy adults who met randomly at a trade show and unexpectedly crossed paths again six months later. After openly talking together, Michael found out that Jessica had physical needs which were not being met and that she was looking for someone to fulfill them. He took it upon himself to meet Jessica in person and suggest they make a mutually beneficial agreement to look after each others needs. (It was easy to remember how captivated he was by her the last few times they met.)

    Five months after seeing each other strictly for physical pleasure, Michael and Jessica realized something much more and something much bigger than just sex was happening between them. After noticing that the connection was so powerful and the sex they were having was unlike anything else either of them had experienced in the past, they engaged in an exclusive intimate and loving relationship.


    A deeply loving, trusting, fulfilling, sexually, spiritually and emotionally connected relationship ensued. The connection grows and becomes cultivated even further with Sensational Sex.


    To this day they still discover and reach new heights in and out of the bedroom. Michael and Jessica feel obligated to share what they have learned and achieved with others as they have a mutual passion for contributing to the growth and evolution of communication and love in relationships.


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